Dropping legacy support: Moving forward

alta88 alta88 at fixall.com
Wed Oct 9 19:39:21 UTC 2019

The right answer is forever.

If not, the community needs to elect a Council that will direct the 
answer to be forever.

Let me preemptively state quite clearly that the hand wavy reasons given 
so far, ie follow firefox, the always useful security theater, and of 
course the 'to help you the addon developer', are to be rejected out of 

I'm tired of these attempts to limit and chip away at functionality. 
It's especially incredible that these noises are being made by someone 
with zero published extensions who thus cannot possibly be familiar with 
the process - and this has been more than adequately demonstrated by the 
mismanagement so far.

On 10/09/2019 11:33 AM, John Bieling wrote:
> Hi Magnus,
> can you give us a number, how long we will be able to use experiments?
> Can I ask for the next two ESR as a minimum? (TB78 and TB88?).
> Thanks,
> John
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