Thunderbird 78, Enigmail and OpenPGP secure email

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> No details about pEp. Do I miss a statement TB isn't going with pEp anymore?
> AFAIK pEp is installed with Egnimail, so if Egnimail stops working with >68 which role will pEp play in the future for TB? 

Thanks for the question. pEp is one option in Enigmail as you rightly say. pEp will ensure that no pEp users will be stranded, and pEp will have a solution for them in the near term that will offer the full pEp convenience and functionality. We, with a dedicated team, have actually started working on a pEp solution as soon as we heard that Enigmail was no longer planning a version for TB78. 

pEp has offered integration to TB and even TB branded mobile apps, but that discussion did not proceed further as TB wants to see a finished product first. 
It is built on the same basis of pEp functionality as the Enigmail/pEp plug-in, but with a different UI as the manual steps of Enigmail PGP are no longer needed. It will also be a lot faster and will allow automatic key sync across multiple personal devices. 

Berna Alp, p≡p Foundation <>

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