RE: Dropping legacy support: Moving forward opto at
Tue Oct 8 16:38:06 UTC 2019

>To put this in perspective: converting your bootstrapped add-on to an experiment should not be terribly hard or much work. The work you'd put into maintaining that add-on over 5 years is by my guess quite negligible.

>quite negligible:

Magnus, that may be true with your knowledge of TB internal working.

I just spent 5 hours on the 'simple' task of trying to get columns into richlistbox, the recommended replacement of xul listbox. The corresponding post in topicbox has now 34 answers trying to achieve that. So in addition to my time, there are many extra hours of others trying to help and do that. 

If we need to spent so much time on every single xul element that needs to be replaced .... impossible.

No, without documentation, the time needed is not 'quite negligible'. To be honest, the time needed is actually not acceptable. It is fishing in the dark, hoping one draws a straw.

I am not sure the addon developer's needs are yet truely understood and acknowledged. 'You' (not personally ment) are not dealing with people truely adept with TB's code.

On the side, I am updating someone else's addon. I have 35 year's of experience in programming - unfortunately in C++, not js and xul. But even that is not sufficient, if one needs not to read documentation and doing it, but if one needs fishing in the dark.

thanks for your attention


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