Services, tags, gloda in webextensions opto at
Tue Oct 8 16:54:21 UTC 2019

are services accessible  in webextensions? Or is that via some xbl or xpcom that will go away? (e.g. tagservice?)

Will I be able to read/set tags from a webextension? Aka sync them between different TB installations (e.g. laptop - desktop)? I need gloda to search which messages are tagged.

Will I be able to read gloda-id, gloda-dirty, and can I add custom stuff to the gloda-db? As in reply-monitor, which monitors which of my sent emails are replied to?

I have some working addons for this (partly 60, partly 68), which I never uploaded because their future seems so dim.

Any info concerning conversion to webextensions is very much appreciated.
Preferably, please don't just ask to me to just try it - I am already 'trying' too much conversion stuff at the same time for various own and foreign owned addons, and am overwhelmed timewise.



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