Intent to de-support: traditional add-ons

Axel Grude axel.grude at
Mon Oct 7 21:01:11 UTC 2019

I am personally not a fan of /*vertical only navigation*/, it's really straining on 
the wrist. Why not have a /*favorites toolbar*/ instead? (well that's pretty much what 
QuickFolders is) that's multidimensional navigation, which is much easier to do than 
going through a vertical list...


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> *Subject:*Re: Intent to de-support: traditional add-ons
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> On Sun Oct 06 2019 16:00:16 GMT-0400 (Eastern Standard Time), Axel Grude
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> > I don't think there is too much benefit of sorting folders, but account
> > order would really be an important feature - usually the most important
> > accounts are the ones that added later (e.g. through decommissioning of
> > mail servers) so  i guess there should be a way to put them (or at least
> > one specific, user elected account) to the top. I regularly get request
> > for a "auto-collapse tree" feature (maybe something similar to the way
> > the folder tree is handled in windows explorer, with not every folder
> > visible / expanded).
> I'll take this opportunity to plug a bug/feature enhancement 'favorite'
> of mine:
> Allow 'Pinning' (and re-ordering) one or more 'Folder Views' to the top
> of the Folder Pane
> bug 1163555 -
> Basically, having a 'Favorites' list above the Accounts list, where you
> can drag/create 'shortcuts' to your ... 'favorite' folders.
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