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As I stated in my post, the reports are still a work in progress.  As
Graeme rightly pointed out, the inclusion of a "secret decoder ring" 
would have been
helpful.  I will have a legend/help page shortly.  In the meantime I 
have included
the cheat sheet.  Note, I reserve the right to modify these either as I 
see fit
or by anyone's good suggestions.  Seriously, I do plan to make some tweaks.

The reports are for the community , so it only makes sense for me to 
make them as useful as possible

- green  ===  good, light green === very good (tb68, always first flag 
to see easily)
- cV , pV : current, previous version (some people ping-pong to 
officially support both 60/68)
- 61+ : author has worked past 60, good indication they will hit 68
- 69+ : author has worked past 68, good indication they will continue 
towards 76
- MailExtension flag is kind of ambiguous.  Currently it just means a 
manifest file is included. (it would be more helpful to flag extensions 
that actually implement ME features)
   It says nothing beyond that.  I am thinking of modifying or combining 
with the legacy flags
- No maximum version just strives to flag that you cannot count on 
specific compatibility beyond
   any other representation.
- Legacy flags (JB suggestion!) currently only get read from the 
manifest file.  For "non- mailextensions"
   I will be adding an RDF parser so I can look at it install.rdf

I will also be adding some more status information such as :
oWIP  ===  original author, work in progress (feel-good flag)
rWIP === new author for replacement extension, work in progress
AdoptMe === extension looking for a new home

As I progress there may be other things.  Again, suggestions welcome.  
Note!  If possible
please make an enhancement issue in the repository so we can track.

- Thunderbird 68 (Current version)
- Thunderbird 68 (Previous version)
- Thunderbird 69+
- Thunderbird 60 (Current version)
- Thunderbird 60 (Previous version)
- Thunderbird 61+
- MailExtension (contains manifest.json)
- No maximum version (*)
- Legacy Type = bootstrap
- Legacy Type = restart required

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