Intent to de-support: traditional add-ons

Axel Grude axel.grude at
Mon Oct 7 11:21:59 UTC 2019

As regards sharing anecdotal memory usage - my main Thunderbird instance is in 
autostart and I rarely restart it all, currently clocking in at around 450MB (on a 
16GByt Ram system) constant, with a mail profile footprint of around 41.5 Gbyte I 
think that's perfectly acceptable. It's more important to me that I can quickly go 
through my email at any time and that the UI doesn't become sluggish. It's currently 
"lean enough for me" with only 15 active Add-ons installed.

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> *Subject:*Re: Intent to de-support: traditional add-ons
> *From:*Juergen Fenn <jfenn at>
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> *Sent: *Sunday, 10/6/2019, 19:01 19:01 IST +0100 [Week 41]
> Am 06.10.19 um 18:06 Uhr schrieb Wayne Mery:
> > Generally speaking memory usage in the 200-800 MB range is fine, and
> > it's OK for it to go up and down as usage of functions and features
> > changes. 
> The good news is that I cannot reproduce the 500 MB maximum at first
> startup. I can confirm that memory use is indeed dynamic, that's fine.
> After a restart of TB on my system (MacBook Pro mid 2012, 4 GB RAM,
> macOS 10.13.6) TB 68 now requires some 170 MB RAM just after starting.
> Usage goes up to some 350 MB when I also start the newsreader and chat
> and start typing in the compose editor. I have no idea what caused the
> 500 MB usage earlier today. I tried starting the webbrowser for
> installing new dictionaries, but this does not do it. Lightning is
> disabled, as usual.
> Anyway, memory usage of TB 60 vs. 68 went up from some 150--200 MB to
> 200--350 MB dynamically, and there are some 50 MB compressed memory -- I
> think this was much less in TB 60.
> @aceman: Thanks to you, too, for explaining. I can quite understand that
> resources are scarce. But in the case of Manually sort folders, the
> add-on ranks forth after Lightning, Import tool folders, and Provider
> for Google Calendar. So I think there is a need for that feature which
> is a normal part of other mail clients, too. You might like to think
> about it again some time.
> Regards,
> Jürgen.
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