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Will will at
Mon Oct 7 09:49:38 UTC 2019

On 05/10/19 18:20, Richard LEGER wrote:
>     The author of DL posted on their list:
>     "I'm still supporting the DL server though, the command line client as
>     well as the "wx" windows GUI. I'm lagging in terms of available time,
>     but I'm actively using DL for a variety of reasons, so that's not
>     going
>     away."  He has confirmed that to us privately as well.
> Your best way forward would be to get DL Provider for Thunderbird
> add-on converted to a webextension as suggested by TB Team so you can
> upgrade to more recent version of Thunderbird and future ones... just
> from a security point of view that would be advised at some point.

<bangs head on desk>

I am not sure that you have read my previous posts on the subject have you?

> Maybe ask lead developer of the add-on what would it take to migrate
> it to a mailextension (webextension for Thunderbird) to make it
> compatible with recent version of TB (e.g 60.8 at the least which is
> should still be compatible with legacy add-on in theory) and later for
> the future? 

<bangs head on desk again>

Now I know you have not read any previous messages in the subject.

Been there done that. As per my previous messages.

Simply, he can't for several genuine reasons and, as I have mentioned
before, he has apologised to us personally for this, but can't change
the circumstances.

And regarding the rest of your comments, thank you, but if you had read
my preceding comments you could have saved yourself a lot of time as I
have answered them already.

So that no one else wastes any more time telling me to contact the dev,
fork code, or whatever:

The dev started to try and modify the plugin for 60 but there were a
number of issues - some bits of the API were not finished at that moment
in time (as far as I remember)

Lots of time was spent on a couple of TB bugs trying to resolve this
(see other posts and bug tracker)

Dev realised that he was going to have to rewrite AGAIN for 68 (and I
won't regale you with his assessment of the Filelink API code.... but
suffice to say he is less than impressed)

Devs work colleagues dumped TB and moved on to another mail client due
to the lack of progress

Dev hoped he would have time to work on the plugin and get it done for 60

Due to changing situations at work he was unable to do so. He could use
DL on the command line and with the widget for himself so did not have a
pressing need to work on the TB plugin

We spoke to him directly (he contacted us) about paying for it to be
upgraded but for personal reasons he can't ( he did explain why but I am
not prepared to divulge here)


Dev can't update the plugin
We offered to pay the dev to update it but he can't
We have tried to look for other devs to pay to update it, but can't find
one as yet.

>     We had been intending to assist in the core code as well... but
>     currently fence sitting on that.
> That may be the best way forward, what is blocking you?

It doesn't matter if the core code works perfectly if we can't use the

We are not going to spend time working on it if we aren't using TB and
the plugin.

Just economic reality.

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