New Extension Statistics Reports - 10-7

Christopher Leidigh cleidigh at
Mon Oct 7 06:01:55 UTC 2019


I have published the latest extension statistics.  I have been working 
on a completely different approach
hosting the reports on GH using gh pages.  I have tried to make more 
visually simple and accessible.
The new reports still have some issues and I do not have summary numbers 
I may still have some issues in certain places (weird broken links), but 
I thought it was overdue to get out.
Soon I should be able to have this published daily.


Current total extensions: 1338
60 compatible: 299
68 compatible: 110

Please feel free to comment.  I worked on the visualization a lot , but 
I've many improvements in the works.
I will also post on using xpiLib shortly...


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