Dropping legacy support: Moving forward

Eyal Rozenberg eyalroz at technion.ac.il
Sun Oct 6 17:15:54 UTC 2019

I also think this would be a good idea. And:

* Effort needs to be invested in personally getting in touch with Add-On
authors so this doesn't just slip by the cracks (like we have some
add-ons that haven't been updated).
* I would love it if devs would consider not just preserving/replicating
API that's usable now, but also let us include in that show-and-tell
some API that's _missing_ now and would be necessary for
correct/complete/enhanced functionality of existing extensions. Nobody
is obliged to implement any of that, but at least you guys will know.

On 06/10/2019 19:58, Axel Grude wrote:
> Following up to this, I would also like the core developers' opinion on
> Jörg's suggestion: would it be feasible to do "show and tell" of Add-ons
> to the core team to discuss ways to handle this (or similar features /
> workarounds) before they start to come up with APIs that no mail Add-on
> developer needs?
> thanks for your consideration,
>   Axel
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>> *Subject:*Dropping legacy support: Moving forward
>> *From:*John Bieling <john.bieling at gmx.de>
>> *To:*Thunderbird Planning (Moderated) <tb-planning at mozilla.org>
>> *Sent: *Sunday, 10/6/2019, 10:33 10:33 IST +0100 [Week 41]
>> Hi,
>> so learning WebExt is inevitable now. I have to start from scratch. My
>> current knowledge about WebExt: Zero. That is going to be a hard time.
>> I will have a lot of questions, which probably only core developers
>> can answer. But I think tb-planning is not the right place to ask
>> them, but https://thunderbird.topicbox.com, correct?
>> As we really need support of core devs to help us, will you follow
>> topics there? Time is running fast and answers are needed fast. Will
>> you be there?
>> One question is of general nature and thus I want to ask it here: *Why
>> will WebExt Experiments be disabled in a few years?*
>> We are in this situation, because Firefox/Mozilla decided, that WebExt
>> is the new thing. If Firefox would not have done that, we would be
>> still be able to create powerful add-ons, which can do almost
>> everything. There has never been a security issue with Thunderbird
>> extensions. The reason Firefox closed WebExt Experiments, are security
>> issues, I think.
>> I can understand, that we need to follow the WebExt path, but
>> disabling WebExt Experiments is your own choice, right? If WebExt
>> Experiments do allow us to do all the things we need, why are we not
>> allowed to use them (later)?
>> Sure, if there are WebExt Experiments, that are of general use, they
>> should be moved as MailExtension API to core. But there will be
>> experiments, that will be useful only to a single add-on. Why should
>> that be moved into core? And there is still the chance, that it gets
>> rejected. Also, it makes add-on development much harder, as you have
>> to send patches to core.
>> I think this question must be answered now, as I do not want to go
>> through this in 5 years, when my addons again stop working, because
>> WebExt Experiments will be disabled.
>> Thanks for your time
>> John
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