Intent to de-support: traditional add-ons

Axel Grude axel.grude at
Sun Oct 6 20:00:16 UTC 2019

I don't think there is too much benefit of sorting folders, but account order would 
really be an important feature - usually the most important accounts are the ones that 
added later (e.g. through decommissioning of mail servers) so  i guess there should be 
a way to put them (or at least one specific, user elected account) to the top. I 
regularly get request for a "auto-collapse tree" feature (maybe something similar to 
the way the folder tree is handled in windows explorer, with not every folder visible 
/ expanded).

Or automatically collapsing recently visited folders that have no unread mails left, I 
am sure there would be ample scope for improvement without writing a sorting routine. 
I actually would re-sorting folders counter-productive and difficult to manage, but 
ideally *accounts *should be able to be re-sorted in the account manager via drag + 
drop) . One of the biggest design problems with the folder tree is the fact that one 
ends up scrolling a lot, and that's exactly the reason why I have stopped using it for 
navigation and switched to QuickFolders entirely.


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> *Subject:*Re: Intent to de-support: traditional add-ons
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> Dňa 6. 10. 2019 o 13:34 Juergen Fenn napísal(a):
> > However, I am running TB 68.1.1 on macOS 10.13.6, and I realise that TB
> > now needs up to 500 MB of RAM (some 300 when typing this mail, up to 500
> > when I also start chat and newsgroups) which looks way too much compared
> > to earlier versions. I would very much appreciate if you please could
> > look into this. It used to be some 150 to 200 MB of RAM.
> > And, of course, again I would like to say that sorting accounts and
> > folders freely should please become a part or TB core.
> Sorting folders or accounts seems like an advanced feature where most
> users are happy with the alphabetic sorting (like most file managers do
> too). Adding such a feature needs a lot of UI for a questionable
> benefit. So it would be best if an addon did it first so we could then
> evaluate it. See
> where I offered support for allowing an addon to manage the order of the
> accounts. It seems to have stalled there, patch for TB is ready, but the
> (already existing) addon update didn't come. So in this case please do
> not blame the TB core developers.
> > BTW, I like the feel of TB 68 on the Mac. Everything seems to run more
> > smoothly, and it feels good that Thunderbird settings look more like a
> > recent Firefox now. Thanks for that!
> I assume the price for this is the increased RAM usage :) We inherit all
> the rendering layers from Firefox. Also I realy doubt the removal of XBL
> and XUL elements and replacing them with pure JS duplicates (Custom
> Elements) has any positive impact on RAM usage. I'd guess it is more
> wasteful.
> We haven't added many features in TB that would answer the doubling of
> the RAM usage. But sadly we don't have tests that would catch any such
> increase.
> aceman
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