Intent to de-support: traditional add-ons

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Sun Oct 6 14:45:55 UTC 2019

Dňa 6. 10. 2019 o 13:34 Juergen Fenn napísal(a):
> However, I am running TB 68.1.1 on macOS 10.13.6, and I realise that TB
> now needs up to 500 MB of RAM (some 300 when typing this mail, up to 500
> when I also start chat and newsgroups) which looks way too much compared
> to earlier versions. I would very much appreciate if you please could
> look into this. It used to be some 150 to 200 MB of RAM.

> And, of course, again I would like to say that sorting accounts and
> folders freely should please become a part or TB core.

Sorting folders or accounts seems like an advanced feature where most
users are happy with the alphabetic sorting (like most file managers do
too). Adding such a feature needs a lot of UI for a questionable
benefit. So it would be best if an addon did it first so we could then
evaluate it. See
where I offered support for allowing an addon to manage the order of the
accounts. It seems to have stalled there, patch for TB is ready, but the
(already existing) addon update didn't come. So in this case please do
not blame the TB core developers.

> BTW, I like the feel of TB 68 on the Mac. Everything seems to run more
> smoothly, and it feels good that Thunderbird settings look more like a
> recent Firefox now. Thanks for that!

I assume the price for this is the increased RAM usage :) We inherit all
the rendering layers from Firefox. Also I realy doubt the removal of XBL
and XUL elements and replacing them with pure JS duplicates (Custom
Elements) has any positive impact on RAM usage. I'd guess it is more
We haven't added many features in TB that would answer the doubling of
the RAM usage. But sadly we don't have tests that would catch any such


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