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FYI, there were some discussion last year Oct about alternative add-ons
solutions such as OWL, TbSync+EAS, etc... in this tread if
that can be of interest to anyone...

> > I think we all acknowledge that Outlook Exchange
> support is critically important

>From an end-user point of view, it is long overdue for Thunderbird to
support out-of-the box an "MS Exchange" feature (easy to setup) to sync
reliably and with performance all emails, contacts, calendar, tasks (at the
minimum) with a Microsoft email systems...

What ever solution is implemented OWA, Exchange ActiveSync (EAS), Exchange
Web Services (EWS), REST APIs for Office 365, or else... it **must** be
**compatible** with various Exchange version including 365, and **must** be
reliable and performant... especially with large data sets...

Rewrite or no rewrite the most important is a solution that **just works**
and **well**... and maintained over time of course... Yes I am an idealist
>From a personal point of view it would be great for the solution to be
integrated to TbSync (one place to setup all accounts), itself integrated
by default to TB as core feature (similarly to Lightning) :-)

This is the imperative requirement to get close to a chance of grabbing any
market share off Outlook ideally... I am just saying this from my personal
experience with numerous Outlook/Thunderbird users and attempts to move

Currently **capability (including add-on compatibility)**, **reliability**,
**performance** issues in Thunderbird are what are pushing people off it...
those are not part of your usage statistics... and that is sad to see
because numerous existing paper cut issues could be already fixed... some
of them are of course... but not all long lasting issue... just not yet
enough at the level it should be... **polished**... the next ESR must be...
as the current one isn't :-)

I'm much keener on the suggestion of getting Ben B on-board :-)

Having a dedicated person/team for such feature appear essential to
guaranty a certain level of quality.

For getting more people on board, I think the "divide/gap" between
end-users expectation, add-on developer expectation and TB core team
limitations must come to an "end" somehow... people shall stop "fighting
again each other"... and "keep working together" more to find solution and
implement them...

I still get the feeling that TB core team while trying to do their best
fall short sometime of taking responsibility being able to listen and
answer its user-base needs (including the add-on developers or their
user-base)... sometime it may feel like falling on deaf ear... and
therefore are loosing potential users/contributors (including add-on dev)
due to lack of resources and proper communication/accompaniment...
==> TB teams, please help!

But there are plenty of resources out there that certainly are ready to get
involved one way or another and may just be a matter for TB core team to
engage more with community and tap into this pool to
lead/encourage/accompany/coordinate more... to bring more
contributors/contributions... that is the only way to fix the resource
issue... so much needed to fix TB in many ways... currently the level of
self motivation one must have to have something fixed in TB is very high
from an end-user/new contributor point of view... while it should not be
that hard to get support and contribute or feel heard by the support /
developer teams... to have things fixed!
==> TB teams, please help!

Also when you hear on one hand that TB core team is not too concerned to
lose 2-5% of users base I don't think this is right in the a
developer you have a certain responsibility towards your existing user (and
add-on developers)... If you have 1 millions users, that is still a lot of
them that you put off...while impacting your reputation... TB Core team
should always listen to complains and not just dismiss them saying they did
what they could (did they?) but encourage/accompany people to find
solutions to the problem they raise especially in migration time... This is
already done to some extend but more could be done perhaps... If someone
**cannot** migrate to upper version of TB... because a legacy add-on is not
compatible, that should raise a red flag, Houston we have a problem!!! That
should raise concern in TB core team to provide necessary assistance to
assist, not by keeping legacy add-on running on old tech, but to make new
version of TB better and better,  help add-on lead developer to proceed
with migration towards a compatible webextension in some way... or
allow/ease a take over of ownership in case current owner cannot fix
issues... if not directly by TB core team, by encouraging third-party to
take over it starting from the add-on user base... also engage more with
add-on dev to know which webextension they need... and help them...
==> TB teams, please help!

The two years floating governance issue may also have not helped sorting
the migration path of legacy add-on towards webextension system... and
contribute to TB loosing performance (or not gaining any), to people losing
faith in the project or alternatively using legacy version of TB for longer
than they should have... to keep add-on they rely on working... it is time
to bring back faith!!!
==> TB teams, please help!

On the other end, end-users and add-on developers needs to understand that
technology evolves and what works yesterday may no longer work in the
future without a little elbow grease... so get involved raise/analyse
issues and help find solutions to fix them in measure of possible to help
the TB core team as well and all other users out there...we are all in the
same boat after all...
==> End users, please help!

Solutions always exists... as far as they are worked on **together**...

Wishful thinking I know... oh!... no!... wait!... it is already happening...
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