Intent to de-support: traditional add-ons

Magnus Melin mkmelin+mozilla at
Sat Oct 5 11:53:09 UTC 2019

On 05-10-2019 13:37, Onno Ekker wrote:
> Can I have a little more clarification on this?
> As an add-on author, I always tried to keep my add-ons working during 
> the daily/beta release cycle.
> I think you are telling us add-on developers now too, that it doesn't 
> make much sense in trying to keep our XUL Legacy add-on or 
> bootstrapped add-on compatible with Thunderbird 71.0a1 or later, 
> because it won't work in Thunderbird 72.0a1 or 73.0a1 anyway, let 
> alone in Thunderbird 78.
> Is that also what you implied?
Yes that is correct. Support for non-WebExtension add-on will be 
dropped, so "keeping up" won't help, unless you convert it to a 
supported format.


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