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Hi Phillip and all,

On 28/09/19 1:54 AM, Philipp Kewisch wrote:

> I'm wondering if we ever got anywhere with this. 
> ...
> jwq would you be able to tell us which of the forks could be considered "latest", i.e. most likely to work in Thunderbird 68? 
> Have you tried reaching out to the current authors on

 The current definitive ExchangeCalendar repository is
<> which was created
with the intention, as far as I can tell, of becoming a community resource.

 ExchangeCalendar is currently not published on ATN but I have contacted
the current maintainers on GitHub, the primary discussion is in Issue
/Publish to Thunderbird Addon Directory/. ExchangeCalendar was submitted
for review on 2 September by Markus, the current maintainer.

 There are two maintainers listed on the People
<> page but Adrien
indicated in exchangecalendar#163
<> that
he is unlikely to contribute to the code in the future, so there is
effectively only one maintainer.

> I'm happy to facilitate in getting this resolved, maybe it would make sense to continue the discussion on a thread with Ryan, Christopher and me.

 That would be great! I think we all acknowledge that Outlook Exchange
support is critically important but also that the resources available to
update and maintain the code are very scarce.

 I must say that I'm not keen on the rewrite suggested by John Bieling,
for several reasons, the primary one being that a working add-on is
worth two non-functional rewrites in progress.

 I'm much keener on the suggestion of getting Ben B on-board :-)

 The obvious next step is to find out the results of the review, if they
are available. I added a comment to exchangecalendar#163
<> just a
few minutes ago, enquiring after the results.


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