Why not publish the Council Meeting Minutes on the wiki?

Patrick Cloke patrick at cloke.us
Wed Oct 2 20:57:04 UTC 2019

On 10/2/19 8:43 AM, Richard Leger wrote:

> Hi,
> With regards to the Council Minutes, why not edit them (and publish
> them) directly somewhere on the Thunderbird Wiki during the meeting in
> a dedicated section... (currently wiki.mozilla.org/Thunderbird:Home
> than could be moved to wiki.thunderbird.net at some point with a link
> "Wiki" directly accessible from TB website perhaps to ease access) ...
> In Council Meeting section, one page pear year, each page showing
> meeting minutes for the year from most recent to least recent order...
> Then just send a link to it in tb-planning when new minutes are
> available...
> This way you can easily track what is going on within a year at
> Council level and refer back to it if needed... or look at recent
> history... for new comers... or those who may have missed minutes ;-)
> Separately you could also have on the wiki as well all information
> related to what is going on with add-ons... plans and all usefull info
> in one place to help developpers... that you can refer via link to
> here or in other post/group/blog...
> I just feel there are a lot of useful info plublished on TB planning
> that should be made available in a central reference "repository" used
> as starting point for communications on everything related to TB...
> the wiki seems a good place for that as it already regroup a lot of
> ressources... and make it accessible directy and easily on TB
> website... to users, add-ons developers, tb developpers,...
> This may also avoid duplicating the information/communication too much...
> Just a suggestion...
> Regards,
Hey Richard,

This was one of the options we discussed when talking about publishing
these minutes. Frankly the discussion of "where and how" to publish them
got very in-depth and I suggested starting simple and just sending them
to tb-planning to start with. I figured this would:

 1. Get us to start doing /something/!
 2. Be fairly low-effort for the council. (Remember we're all volunteers!)
 3. Reach most of the interested audience.

This is the exact sort of feedback we're looking for though! One benefit
of sending them to tb-planning, however, is that it allows a
conversation around each meeting. There can be follow-up questions,
clarifications, etc. This can sort of be done on a wiki's talk page, but
I've always found that to not be a great environment.

We might be able to do both a wiki and start the e-mail thread...maybe
we can do that in the future.

I think the notes about having a single place for documentation would be
nice though and I think there's been some in-roads there, maybe Ryan has
some additional thoughts on that?


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