[Council Meeting] Meeting minutes from 2019-09-19

Eyal Rozenberg eyalroz at technion.ac.il
Wed Oct 2 18:33:47 UTC 2019

On 02/10/2019 1:06, Philipp Kewisch wrote:
> There is certainly information we could fill in after the meeting, but
> the amount of detail you're asking for will quickly turn this into a
> blog post style report. Not saying that is a bad thing, just a different
> format with its own benefits and weaknesses.

What I'm asking for is 2x-3x times the current amount of text, with the
addition being enough context or elaboration to make things relatively
clear and with the tiniest bit of context; no more than that. Otherwise
the minutes are not readable and quite possibly not worth posting to the

I'm very used to doing this as a minute-taker, which is why I brought it
up. I would usually manage to do this either on-the-fly, or in the few
minutes following a meeting adjourning while other people are tidying up
etc - which is why I'm assuming (hopefully justifiably) that it's doable.


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