Intent to de-support: traditional add-ons

Jörg Knobloch jorgk at
Wed Oct 2 18:55:34 UTC 2019

On 02 Oct 2019 17:49, Will wrote:
> And the reason is that we can't get updated extensions from the
> developers, nor find anyone willing to update them, even for $$$$$
> They are not even that complicated, but..... I just can't find anyone,
> but then I guess that is a direct response to the waning TB user base.
> Less users, less developers.
> [snip
> So for us, 52.x with a couple of extensions does exactly what we want,
> which is more than can be said for your shiny new things.

Just as a matter of interest: Which ones are so important and not 
updated since TB 52?


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