Intent to de-support: traditional add-ons

Patrick Brunschwig patrick at
Wed Oct 2 09:44:41 UTC 2019

Eyal Rozenberg wrote on 01.10.2019 17:39:
> Ah, in that case I'm vehemently opposed to Magnus' suggestion.
> Me (and others) have put our own share of work to adapt our extensions,
> and we should not have the rug pulled from under us just when we've
> gotten ourselves on some half-stable footing.

This is not a surprising step -- or at least not for me. Given how
aggressively old code is being removed from Firefox, and thus from
Thunderbird, this moment had to come one day or another. It has been
clear for several years that Thunderbird will not be able to continue to
support classical ("legacy") add-ons forever.

The Thunderbird developers already had to invest quite some substantial
effort in making legacy add-ons work until now. But as the pain grows,
it's time to cut that dead end and work on something much more future-proof.


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