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On 28-Nov-19 12:38 AM, Jay Hankins wrote:
> Michael,
>> On Nov 27, 2019, at 8:15 AM, Michael Peddemors <michael at> wrote:
>> hehehe.. doesn't DoH (DNS over HTTPS) give the ability to track? Kind of incongruous don't you think?
> I’m curious what about DoH you think gives “the ability to track”. Can you explain?

In this instance all your DNS queries that used to go to your chosen DNS 
provider,  usually the ISP,  are now being directed to a central 
provider.  In the case of the Firefox defaults cloudfare,  who have 
signed agreements with Mozilla about what they will and will not retain 
because Mozilla can see the possible pitfalls.  Including cloudfare (Or 
whatever provider is used) knowing what sites you visit in the various 
privacy modes.  DNS is typically anonymous, but that does not make the 
data useless in profiling and to some extent deanonymizing it.  I am not 
saying regular DNS is not already used as a mine of information,  it 
is.  But to some extent this makes the trove much larger as the 
application will come with a default provider, whereas until now that 
was mostly data the ISP had access to and sold.

Some source documents on DNS and DOH and their cash cow status

But it does not really matter what provider you have for DNS,  you are 
providing them with details of every site you visit and when. Based on 
subsequent requests from you a reasonable case can be made for how long 
you stay on the site.  Baring leaving the tab open a month,  which I do 
for some things.

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