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Andrei Hajdukewycz sancus at
Wed Nov 27 09:46:48 UTC 2019

No, that's not correct.

If the website links to /en-US/, that means that page is English-only 
and not for translation. So there is no benefit to having a language 
independent link there, it just creates unnecessary redirects. 
Otherwise, the website would link to /hr/, like it does for the Features 
page, About page, and other pages that are intended to be translated.

Everything is working correctly.

On 11/27/2019 1:24 AM, Mihovil Stanić wrote:
> "Get help" was just example, and actually bad one since I was talking 
> about "Get involved" link and other like it with hardcoded en-US.
> Point was, there shouldn't be hardcoded language pages, every page 
> should be like link to SUMO, link to language independent page which 
> then redirects to language page if it supported.
> Or at least if you land on non-EN language page, hardcode all links to 
> that locale pages, not en-US.
> Just wanted to point that out, while is still in test faze.
> Mihovil
> 27.11.2019 u 7:41, Andrei Hajdukewycz je napisao/la:
>> Some pages are not localized, yes, and those are hardcoded to en-US, 
>> like the Get Involved page and release notes.
>> "Get Help" links to SUMO via 
>> We leave redirecting you to the right language up to SUMO, as with 
>> all links to external websites. If you get en-US from that link, 
>> maybe they don't support hr, or maybe something is broken with their 
>> language redirect, couldn't tell you, since the Thunderbird team 
>> doesn't maintain SUMO.
>> On 2019-11-26 10:23 p.m., Mihovil Stanić wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> When I visit localized version of page for my language 
>>> ( some links to subpages are 
>>> hardcoded to /en-US/ versions and some lead to /hr/
>>> For example, in top menu, FEATURES link leads to hr website, but GET 
>>> HELP link leads to en-US website.
>>> Best regards,
>>> Mihovil
>>> 19.11.2019 u 8:45, Andrei Hajdukewycz je napisao/la:
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> Some people have likely seen it already, but the new Thunderbird 
>>>> website has been under development for a while now:
>>>> It is essentially done and will be moving onto staging for 
>>>> localizers to start translating very soon, probably sometime this 
>>>> week. So I'm sending this email to give people a chance to give 
>>>> some feedback if they would like to.  Note that a number of 
>>>> screenshots still need updating.
>>>> Feel free to file issues on github 
>>>> <> should 
>>>> you find any other significant problems. If you have general 
>>>> feedback on text and/or design, please just discuss on this list.
>>>> Thanks!
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