New Thunderbird Website

Wayne Mery vseerror at
Tue Nov 26 22:59:43 UTC 2019

Sorry if this is late. “Fully” customizable may get some pushback and is arguable compared to where we have come from. Even if those were not true there may be a better descriptive term. Or, just say customizable?

> On Nov 26, 2019, at 2:53 PM, Andrei Hajdukewycz <sancus at> wrote:
>> Under "Fully Customizable" where it says "With Extensions, Themes, and many more features", it might be better to say "Add-ons (Extensions, Themes), and many more features", to get "add-ons" in there (since it's in the main nav menu of the site), to help avoid confusion with add-ons, extensions, and themes.
> Agreed, changed this but corrected punctuation(oxford comma is only a thing with 3 or more items).

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