New Thunderbird Website

Paul Morris paul at
Fri Nov 22 19:45:05 UTC 2019

The new site is looking great!  Here's some feedback on the text on the 
home page.  --Paul

The two "!"s in "Make Email Easier!" and "loaded with great features!" 
at the top seems like a little much.  I'd say drop the one from "Make 
Email Easier".

Under "Secure & Private" the "such as built-in Do Not Track and remote 
content blocking" seems odd to me as those seem like browser features 
rather than email.  (Unless I'm missing something.)  So maybe just say 
"Multiple features work together to ensure your safety and privacy, so 
you can have peace of mind."?

Under "Fully Customizable" where it says "With Extensions, Themes, and 
many more features", it might be better to say "Add-ons (Extensions, 
Themes), and many more features", to get "add-ons" in there (since it's 
in the main nav menu of the site), to help avoid confusion with add-ons, 
extensions, and themes.

Under "Thunderbird is funded by users like you" the "you" is wrapping to 
the next line, so maybe could just shorten to "FUNDED BY USERS LIKE YOU".

Paul Morris

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