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Tue Nov 19 11:41:06 UTC 2019

Dear Andrei,

thanks for the link - it looks stunning! Love the background graphics. Also kudos for 
having an Add-ons item in the top menu, that's going to re-assure a lot of users.

Will there be an Add-ons landing page / staging area too? (At the moment it links to )


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> *Subject:*New Thunderbird Website
> *From:*Andrei Hajdukewycz <sancus at>
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> *Sent: *Tuesday, 11/19/2019, 07:45 07:45 GMT +0000 [Week 47]
> Hi all,
> Some people have likely seen it already, but the new Thunderbird website has been 
> under development for a while now:
> It is essentially done and will be moving onto staging for localizers to start 
> translating very soon, probably sometime this week. So I'm sending this email to 
> give people a chance to give some feedback if they would like to.  Note that a 
> number of screenshots still need updating.
> Feel free to file issues on github 
> <> should you find any 
> other significant problems. If you have general feedback on text and/or design, 
> please just discuss on this list.
> Thanks!
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