Updating stationery text

Paul Morris paul at thunderbird.net
Tue Nov 5 02:51:26 UTC 2019

On 11/3/19 5:51 AM, Axel Grude wrote:

> It would be great if there was an announcement or discussion  panel in 
> our add-on page template that can be used for this info (but only in 
> the case were the addon author has obviously abandoned the Extension- 
> i would have asked Lukasz myself but he hadn't replied to any mails 
> for many many months. He even didn't engage when i finally reviewed 
> stationery to be compatible with Tb 60 after it was stuck in the admin 
> only queue for about 10 weeks).

And/or this might make a good topic for one or more (carefully worded) 
blog posts: addons that are no longer maintained and the new 
replacements for them.


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