Thunderbird 60 --> 68 ... and google oauth ... and add-ons

Eyal Rozenberg eyalroz at
Fri Nov 1 10:23:55 UTC 2019

 > Unfortunately this issue also affects users of the EOL version 60.

How is this possible? 60 has been out for a very long time - and for all 
this time, people could not use Gmail IMAP? Or - am I misunderstanding 
what the issue is about?

On 01/11/2019 3:14, Wayne Mery wrote:
> We just got hit with a major issue with google oauth 
> <> 
> which forced us to quickly ship 68.2.1 and beta 71.0b2.  These went live 
> earlier today, and version 68 users are being aggressively updated. 
> Without this fix, authentication using oauth to google services 
> (calendar, imap, etc) fails.
> Unfortunately this issue also affects users of the EOL version 60.  A 
> decision will be made shortly on whether to update version 60, or just 
> open the floodgates to update users to 68.   The brings up some timely 
> important points:
> 1. Serious issues develop in old versions which necessitate their being 
> abandoned in favor of newer versions whose code we are able to fix.  We 
> will be enabling automatic updates in a few days to update version 60 
> users up to version 68.
> *2. Add-ons -- ***The good news is m*any updated versions of add-ons 
> have recently been approved. The bad news is many still need to be 
> updated and submitted for review.  Time is running out if you **are a 
> developer who wants their add-on to work for the many users that will 
> **_very soon_**be on version 68. *If you need assistance you will want 
> to visit
> 3. Several people have adopted abandoned add-ons and fixed them to work 
> for version 68.  If you want to help in that effort please contact 
> Chris. <mailto:cleidigh at>
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