Thunderbird 60 --> 68 ... and google oauth ... and add-ons

Wayne Mery vseerror at
Fri Nov 1 01:14:27 UTC 2019

We just got hit with a major issue with google oauth 
<> which forced us 
to quickly ship 68.2.1 and beta 71.0b2.  These went live earlier today, 
and version 68 users are being aggressively updated. Without this fix, 
authentication using oauth to google services (calendar, imap, etc) fails.

Unfortunately this issue also affects users of the EOL version 60.  A 
decision will be made shortly on whether to update version 60, or just 
open the floodgates to update users to 68.   The brings up some timely 
important points:

1. Serious issues develop in old versions which necessitate their being 
abandoned in favor of newer versions whose code we are able to fix.  We 
will be enabling automatic updates in a few days to update version 60 
users up to version 68.

*2. Add-ons -- ***The good news is m*any updated versions of add-ons 
have recently been approved. The bad news is many still need to be 
updated and submitted for review.  Time is running out if you **are a 
developer who wants their add-on to work for the many users that will 
**_very soon_**be on version 68. *If you need assistance you will want 
to visit

3. Several people have adopted abandoned add-ons and fixed them to work 
for version 68.  If you want to help in that effort please contact 
Chris. <mailto:cleidigh at>

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