Extensions - 2 Week Activity

Graeme musiquegraeme at gmail.com
Fri May 31 15:40:41 UTC 2019

It would be very helpful to know how the daily users of Thunderbird are calculated. Is 
this something Thunderbird actually counts once a day. Does Tb phone home whenever it 
starts and if this is a new user is it added to the list? If someone doesn't start TB for 
days, just leaves it running and never closes it, do they get counted?


On 14/05/2019 03:21, Christopher Leidigh wrote:
> All
> Attached is the latest extension status spreadsheet.  I am also attaching a single 
> summary page  that includes the activity over the last two weeks as well as the total 
> statistics the bottom.  If anyone would like to see any other details, let me know.
> Christopher
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