UI mock-up - Account Setup Rev.3

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at beonex.com
Sat May 11 04:29:32 UTC 2019

Hello Alex,

sorry for not being clear enough.

Alessandro Castellani wrote on 11.05.19 04:48:
> Currently in TB, if you close the Account Setup dialog and open the 
> Settings Dialog, you can't create an account unless you go through the 
> same Account Setup dialog. Is that right?


> Isn't the "Account Settings" dialog kinda useless without an account? 
> Probably I'm wrong but, shouldn't the user have at least an email + 
> name saved in order to access the advanced configuration?

That's correct, yes. We need at least: Name, email address, server 
hostname, username, protocol (IMAP or POP3) before we can create the 
account, and we need to create the account before we show the "Account 
settings" dialog ( = advanced config).

I'm proposing 2 alternative options:

* Make a small little button in the account creation dialog, in manual 
config mode only. This is what we currently do in the dialog in TB 
60/68. (If we do this, please make it a real button, not a link, so that 
the action becomes clearer, and put it somewhere out of eye focus, so 
that people don't click it out of curiosity.)

* In your new first dialog "set up existing" / "get new address" / 
"calendar" / movemail etc., in the "..." menu button that you already 
added, add a option "Advanced email configuration". If clicked, you get 
a new dialog (which doesn't exist yet), which has the above input 
fields, and *no* checks (other than basic syntax validation), no 
hand-holding at all. Very dumb, silly dialog with just a bunch of text 
fields. Click "Create" and you end up in the "Account settings" dialog 
for further detail settings.

The 2. option is my prefered option.

> So, I'm convinced a shortcut to advanced configuration is needed for 
> fringe cases, advanced users, or when our auto config and the manual 
> config screen are not enough, that's for sure. 



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