UI mock-up - Account Setup Rev.3

Matt Harris unicorn.consulting at gmail.com
Sat May 11 01:04:39 UTC 2019

On 09-May-19 2:08 PM, alex wrote:
> Hello wonderful people,
> Another week, another round of mock-ups
> In this new iteration you will find some updated strings based on your 
> suggestions and a rethought approach to the manual configuration step.
> *Manual Configuration*
> The Incoming and Outgoing columns will help us to organize all those 
> settings into a nice and compact grid.
> It might be necessary to increase the width of the modal just a bit in 
> order to account for other languages with longer text. In case the 
> modal grows for whatever reason, the form fields should expand to fill 
> up the area in order to avoid leaving empty spaces.
/Can we go back to drop down list?  Those up/down arrow buttons are 
fiddly at best and infuriating at worst.  You can't see the available 
choices so you click and click again in the hopes of seeing what you 
know should be there.  That is if you motor skills and mouse are up to 
the task of attacking an exceedingly small arrow.

We need to remember not all users are young,  not all users posses good 
eyesight and most of our users are not technically skilled. I remember 
setting up my first few mail clients and it was copy very carefully.  I 
had no idea about protocols, ports and encryption methods.  I was 
working on mainframe software,  so I was familiar with computing.  But 
mail was a black hole to me and for many it is still "just email".  One 
of the first things to think about is that one of the common account 
configuration issues in support is people rerunning the new account 
wizard and encountering a duplicate existing account.  WE as a community 
fail to make locating the failed account simple so they repeat the 
process creat a duplicate and then struggle with the account manager 
window because it contains a duplicate account.

I suggest that this wizard needs to look at existing accounts and 
perhaps do something if the same email address is specified other that 
mess up or create a duplicate.  Perhaps the approach should not be a new 
account wizard,  but an account editing wizard  so it the email addres 
is present then the setting are loaded so the user can have another go 

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