UI mock-up - Account Setup Rev.3

Alessandro Castellani alessandro at thunderbird.net
Fri May 10 17:10:24 UTC 2019

On 2019-05-10 3:43 a.m., Ben Bucksch wrote:
> I think the "Advanced config" should really be a button... And, 
> please, completely out of the user focus. We don't want to encourage 
> curious clicks. Nor people feeling "mighty", "I can do this, I'm a big 
> boy".

The more we try to put this into the account setup wizard, the more I 
think it shouldn't be there.

You said it yourself, it's an edge case not for regular users but for 
experts who know what they're doing. That's not the objective and 
purpose of this popup, and trying to cramp this funnel into it can cause 
confusions for regular/non-techy users, potentially getting mismatched 
with the "Configure manually", and lead to unwanted consequences.

> This is really just for admins.
For this very reason it shouldn't be in the account setup wizard.
> The Advanced Config button could actually be on the first screen, 
> where you say "Get new email address". You'd still need to enter 
> protocol, server hostname and username before we open the advanced 
> dialog, because we need that info to create the account, so it's a 
> little more work. But I think it makes sense, because people who use 
> the advanced config don't want all the smarts of the account creation 
> dialog at all. And this way, we get it out of sight of the normal user 
> flow, and avoid curious clicks.

This is what bothers me regarding this addition, there are too many "if" 
and "but". If we add that button, then we need to create another prompt, 
and we need to account for an extra step, and so on.

That button also doesn't simply opens the settings, but closes the 
dialog and saves the current state. Those are implied actions that are 
not clear at first.

It seems to me that the reason we want the Advanced Config button is to 
offer an easy access to the server settings for admins and experts, but 
what it will mainly do is adding confusion to regular users, and forcing 
us to come up with extra steps to account for it.

If you're an admin that doesn't need to follow the setup wizard, closing 
the modal and opening the settings make sense. Those are 2 clicks. 
Offering a button to quickly go there saves 1 click but it adds so much 
complexity for us I don't think it's really worth it.

I'll leave it out for now and revisit this once the new account wizard 
UI landed.

*Alessandro Castellani*
Lead UX Architect
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