UI mock-up - Account Setup Rev.3

alex alessandro at thunderbird.net
Fri May 10 04:24:01 UTC 2019

As promised, here's a quick round of updates based on your helpful feedback.

Regarding the height of the modal, as I said before, we will handle it 
with a scrollbar in case it grows past the monitor height.
I was also playing with the idea of collapsing the "standard 
credentials" to gain some space. This behavior could happen only if the 
credentials are correct and nothing is missing, giving the ability to 
the user to show them again with a link at the top (screen #9, the last 
one to the right of the 3rd row).
I'm not super convinced about this for various reasons, but it could be 
something to A/B test while in beta.

More mock-ups have been added to this project, specifically, one for 
Windows and its UI elements (yuck), and one for Ubuntu 19.04
These are not accurate but just an average representation of how native 
elements behave with this UI.


Well...I think it's time to open some bug reports and start coding this 

Alessandro Castellani
Lead UX Architect

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