UI mock-up - Account Setup Rev.3

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Thu May 9 17:48:47 UTC 2019

On 5/9/2019, 12:38:42 AM, alex <alessandro at thunderbird.net> wrote:
> *Manual Configuration*
> The Incoming and Outgoing columns will help us to organize all those
> settings into a nice and compact grid.
> It might be necessary to increase the width of the modal just a bit in
> order to account for other languages with longer text. In case the
> modal grows for whatever reason, the form fields should expand to fill
> up the area in order to avoid leaving empty spaces.

I like it.

> *Use same credentials option*
> TB will use the same credentials for receiving and sending emails, but
> the user will have the option to opt-out once in the manual config
> phase. If the user unchecks that option, 2 dedicated username and
> password fields will be revealed.

Yay! You just made my day, thanks!

> In case the password changes after the setup as been completed, I made
> a note to myself to create a bug in order to show this checkbox in the
> password dialog prompted by TB.

Excellent - and I strongly agree with Ben that this option must also
find a place in the Account Settings dialog as well, so another one for
that as well.

Also, I guess a decision needs to be made as to whether or not to just
add some code to keep both entries in the password manager in sync when
this option is enabled, or to have an entirely new mode. Personally, I
prefer clean, so would prefer an entirely new mode that simply uses the
one entry in the password manager, but it isn't a big deal. But once
that decision is made, one last bug for that.

> *Buttons*
> A "re-test" button will allow the user to test as many times as he
> wants until a successful connection gets established. The "Done"
> button will save the account as it is allowing the user to come back
> to this section at a later time.

If this means what it sounds like it means - that it will now be simple
to save an account with non-functional settings, then I can only say
'Thank you!!!' again. This has been a long time coming.

However, I wonder if there should be two different labels for this
button, depending on whether or not the settings have been validated...
something like 'Save As-Is' (with appropriate warnings about it being
non-functional), and 'Done', for when the settings have been validated.
Not extremely important, but 'Done' isn't exactly accurate if the
settings cannot be validated.

Everything else looks great!

Thanks a lot for your hard work Alessandro, and for listening and
responding so well to the feedback you've been getting!
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