Priority flags for TB bugs

Mark Banner mbanner at
Thu May 9 06:57:02 UTC 2019

On 08/05/2019 21:31, Alessandro Castellani wrote:

> The Firefox peeps have been using the Priority flags for less than a 
> year and they seem to be loving it. This flags are available only to 
> triage leads.
Although the process is lead by the triage leads, it is possible for any 
developer to set a priority - in fact, I believe this is based on the 
'editbugs' permission.

I'm not a triage lead anywhere, but I'm deeply involved in some of the 
components, and so I'll aid the lead in doing triage. If I'm not sure of 
something then I'll either defer to the lead or talk to them about it - 
there are also regular 2/3 people triage meetings going on every week or 

> Since we don't have the same resources as Firefox, adding this 
> prioritization to our staff seems a bit of a burden, nevertheless I 
> think having a priority flag may drastically improve the life of each 
> developer, especially when dealing with many bugs and patches at once.
To expand on the intent of the Firefox process - it is primarily to 
triage all the incoming bugs so that we can reduce the risk of missing 
regressions/crashers that were filed before release, and therefore 
avoiding the need to do dot releases to fix those issues we could have 

The other intentions are so that we can get a sense of priority of bugs 
and so work off the P1/P2 lists, and also so that users who have 
submitted bugs have some initial feedback soon after filing the bug.

One of the advantages of that, is that if a bug is unclear, then we can 
ask for more information straight away, and potentially get a bug that 
can be fixed, as opposed to one that gets filed, and then is just 
closed/ignored later as it didn't have enough information. Something the 
triage page doesn't say, but I think is generally accepted within 
Firefox now, is that if a needinfo isn't responded to within 14 days, 
and there's not enough information, then it is ok to mark it as incomplete.

> I'd like to propose the ability to allow developers to set a priority 
> flag to their own bugs.
> Would that be technically possible? What do you guys think about using 
> the priority flag?
Final notes, the triage process only happens on newer bugs, although 
developers are welcome to go back through and triage their components.

I've definitely found it useful on Firefox, and it gives a hit-list of 
bugs for when you need something to do next.


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