UI mock-up - Account Setup Rev.3

alex alessandro at thunderbird.net
Thu May 9 04:38:42 UTC 2019

Hello wonderful people,

Another week, another round of mock-ups

In this new iteration you will find some updated strings based on your 
suggestions and a rethought approach to the manual configuration step.

*Manual Configuration*

The Incoming and Outgoing columns will help us to organize all those 
settings into a nice and compact grid.

It might be necessary to increase the width of the modal just a bit in 
order to account for other languages with longer text. In case the modal 
grows for whatever reason, the form fields should expand to fill up the 
area in order to avoid leaving empty spaces.

*Use same credentials option*

TB will use the same credentials for receiving and sending emails, but 
the user will have the option to opt-out once in the manual config 
phase. If the user unchecks that option, 2 dedicated username and 
password fields will be revealed.

In case the password changes after the setup as been completed, I made a 
note to myself to create a bug in order to show this checkbox in the 
password dialog prompted by TB.

In its tallest state, the modal reaches 643px of height. Still 
manageable inside the 768px height of a small laptop, but also allowing 
the manual config section to be scrollable will take care of edge cases.


A "re-test" button will allow the user to test as many times as he wants 
until a successful connection gets established. The "Done" button will 
save the account as it is allowing the user to come back to this section 
at a later time.

Once a connection has been successfully established, a "Set Up another 
account" button will appear to offer a shortcut to jump back to the 
beginning of the modal.

*Final Screen*

If the user clicks "Done" and the connection was successful, a new 
screen with some common "next steps" might be used to offer easy 
shortcuts and guide a first time user. We could use something like that 
to prevent a potential overwhelming feeling.


As usual, let me know what you think, meanwhile I'll create some 
mock-ups for the other 2 operating systems.


Alessandro Castellani
Lead UX Architect

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