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Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Wed May 8 17:30:49 UTC 2019

harry wrote on 08.05.19 17:33:
> I would have a comment as to the content of the page.
> 1) As to the second text block “secure and private”:
>> Multiple features, such as built-in Do Not Track and remove content blocking, work together...
> Yes, I would think that “remote content blocking” is a valuable option.
> But I wonder whether “do not track” isn’t rather something that applies
> for a browser in the first place. (yes, I know, TB does have browser
> functionality; I still can’t think of any occasion where “do not track”
> could be of any use for me in Thunderbird);

I concur, DNT as feature is useless in mail. It's more important to 
explain the importance of blocking remote content, so that spammers 
cannot validate your email address and other spying senders cannot see 
that you opened the mail.

Likewise, we disable many advanced HTML mail features that are 
potentially dangerous.

I'm probably biased, but I'd also showcase the View | Message Body as | 
Simple HTML feature, because it's specifically designed to be an even 
stronger protection against yet unknown kind of attacks. Most of the 
recent email attacks like efail did not work in this particular mode. 
So, it's interesting for companies that value security over beautiful 
emails. Essentially, it's as secure as plaintext, while retaining 
semantic formatting of text.

>> Focus on what matters and forget about complexity

The "focus on what matters" is good, but I'd remove "and forget about 
complexity". Because arguably, Thunderbird is one of the most complex 
mail clients out there, esp. compared to webmail. Outlook isn't innocent 
either, but there are certainly mail clients that are a lot less complex 
than Thunderbird, so I wouldn't particularly advertise this quality.

> 2) Why should the section about bugs in Thunderbird (“all bugs have been
> fixed” – “April fools”) be so prominent on this page? While probably
> everybody who knows anything about software is well aware that there is
> no such thing as a bug-free software, you will scare away people outside
> of that category who will be scared away from such a seemingly buggy
> product. IMHO this should definitely be “hidden” in the community section;

Yeah, good point. Some blog posts probably shouldn't appear on the 
homepage. This could be solved with a tag on the blog.


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