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Wed May 8 17:22:46 UTC 2019

On 2019-05-08 8:33 a.m., harry wrote:
> 1) As to the second text block “secure and private”:
> Yes, I would think that “remote content blocking” is a valuable option.
> But I wonder whether “do not track” isn’t rather something that applies
> for a browser in the first place. (yes, I know, TB does have browser
> functionality; I still can’t think of any occasion where “do not track”
> could be of any use for me in Thunderbird);
Thanks for your suggestion, we will tackle content once this new version 
is up on the beta url.
> 2) Why should the section about bugs in Thunderbird (“all bugs have been
> fixed” – “April fools”) be so prominent on this page? While probably
> everybody who knows anything about software is well aware that there is
> no such thing as a bug-free software, you will scare away people outside
> of that category who will be scared away from such a seemingly buggy
> product. IMHO this should definitely be “hidden” in the community section;

That's a blog post. That section shows the recent posts published on our 
blog. That content will change pretty often.

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