Website UI

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Wed May 8 15:12:43 UTC 2019

Hey Alex,

beautiful design. I like the wireframe logo in the background. I like it.

Just one small suggestion: I find the new page a little busy, and the 
major reason is the blog posts and newsletter parts. If you could merge 
the blog section and the newsletter box, and put them both in the spot 
where the newsletter box is right right, i.e. make it a lot smaller, by 
listing only the headline of the blog posts, and make the newsletter 
subscription a single line underneath the blog posts list, that would 
already improve things a lot.

Putting less things on the page means that there is more focus on the 
things that do remain, particularly the Donation section would gain 
prominence by reducing the blog and newsletter section.


alex wrote on 08.05.19 07:36:
> And we got a winner!
> With all the wonderful feedback I got regarding the bright variation, 
> I created a mix between the new and old version by keeping the bright 
> colors, spending more time in creating slightly more curated 
> decorative elements, and improved the pace of the content as well as 
> the white space between elements.
> Let's use the logo in the background of the hero area with a wireframe 
> effect. The current one is just temporary, I will create a dedicated 
> and more refined version that will blend better.
> The rest of the pages will come later next week.

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