Thunderbird start/account dialog

Christopher Leidigh cleidigh at
Fri May 3 22:15:02 UTC 2019

I am hoping more feedback is welcome versus too much...

under that assumption, my 1.5c:

Full disclosure - I have been a collaborator for the Microsoft Visual 
Studio Code project for two years (I do have a bias)

VCS is obviously a very different tool used by developers not the 
average Joe.  It does have a lot in common with Thunderbird

Regardless , I wanted to focus on one feature, the welcome page. I 
apologize if I missed it among the many threads, but I do not think

anyone has mentioned using something like this welcome page as opposed 
to a dialogue.  As you can see from below, the welcome page

which is shown at all startups if not disabled by the user, shows a 
pretty complete set of jumpoff points for things you would typically do

both at first launch as well as new sessions.  By using more of a 
full-page approach we have much more flexibility to point people in the 
right direction

either as novices , or experienced people looking for extensions right 
away,  The importation of certificates, accounts OR "advertising" 
offering a new

e-mail account are all possible with the page, but would be very hard to 
do in a dialogue.  NoOne needs to close anything or more importantly

be concerned about closing dialogue with a page approaches well. The 
other thing is that a page like this can be much more dynamic since its 

is arguably more generalized and it can absorb evolution without real 
paradigm changes.  Making more dynamic content within this context

also has some advantages.



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