UI mock-up - Account Setup Rev.2

Alessandro Castellani alessandro at thunderbird.net
Fri May 3 16:52:38 UTC 2019

On 2019-05-03 2:44 a.m., J2m-Gmx wrote:

> Why not consider, if not too complicated !, to leave the choice to 
> users to keep the old interface or take your new interface?

I'm sorry but we won't do that, other than adding an incredibly thick 
layer of complexity to the entire interface, this will cause dilution of 
resources and effort. Also, the interface changes are not only 
superficial, but they'll include improvements to usability and 
discoverability of features.

> So much so that some people no longer want to update for fear of 
> losing everything.
That's an attitude old like the world and we can't do anything about it 
other than offering the most stable and feature rich client on every new 
> - the aesthetic part is not the main concern of the users that I help 
> on the forums.
> They want software that works without having to go for help for the 
> slightest  problem.
> - all those who install Thunderbird for the first time had, to my 
> knowledge, already an emel address before.
> -the majority do not know the difference between the POP and the IMAP 
> - A link explaining to them the difference at the time of the creation 
> of the account would be good.:-)
>  (nor the difference between MailDir and Mbx)- I happened to offer you 
> some small improvements to help users - it has remained unanswered!:-(

I'd say all these problems are mostly related to the current interface. 
The work we're doing in revamping the UI is not just to "make it look 
modern", or add a "pretty coat of paint", but it's an ongoing process 
which is helping us define road blocks and confusing sections we gave 
for granted until now.

Improving discoverability and flattening the learning curve are the main 
objective of this entire work.

> Besides, I do not expect to have an answer to this message
Well, I'm glad I was able to prove you wrong :P

*Alessandro Castellani*
Lead UX Architect
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