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On 30/04/2019 18:23, Alessandro Castellani wrote:
> Thank you all for the great feedback and suggestions, this is a great start.
> Below you can find my answers and clarifications to your questions.
> ...
> *Cancel the dialog
> *
> This is something I'd like to hear your thoughts about it. Since any dialog can be 
> closed through the window controls, do we want to highlight this option with a dedicated 
> button?
> The idea here is to somewhat prevent this if the user access TB for the first time and 
> no accounts is set up. Is TB usable in any way without an account?
I don't know if we're unique but whenever I set up TB for a colleague I always cancel this 
dialogue. This is because there is a step in the options that I want to do before setting 
up the account. I want to set up the certificates as, as soon as the account is set up, TB 
tries to get mail and this will fail if the certificates are not done. This is not how 
many people would do it, but it's nice to have some way to cancel the account setup.
> Anyway, a "Set Up Later" button or link can be added on the first screen, but I wouldn't 
> add it or keep it once the user is in the funnel, to prevent accidental clicks or 
> confusion with the back button.
> Cheers,
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