UI mock-up - Account Setup Rev.2

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> *Subject:*UI mock-up - Account Setup Rev.2
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> Hello folks,
> Here's an updated version of the account setup workflow.
> https://presentator.ura.design/en/XP9IsbuQ?v=0&s=1&m=preview
> *First Screen*
> I created 2 variations which we could use for some A/B testing. We could potentially 
> release the version with a smaller and less prominent "Get a New Email Address" 
> first, to later than replace it with a more prominent button once we have those 
> potential providers partnerships.
> A tabbed system will be used to show the user the proper info and fields of what 
> they selected, and a "Other" option which will open less common actions.
This may be "old school" but could you make the tabbed system connect to the bottom 
with background color like a tab - I feel it would unclutter the dialog - maybe not 
with a gradient like here, but you get the idea:

suggestiong of having connected tabs?

Also I think just "/Set up Later/" (without "/close and.../") will be sufficient; 
especially if there is a confirmation dialog ("Are you sure? you can set up later 
using menu option X" [Setup Later] [Return to Setup])
> This might seems like a bit of a stretch, but I'd like to pursue the idea of having 
> a unified "Account Creation Dialog", no matter if the user needs to create an email, 
> add a calendar, an RSS feed, etc. The location and experience should be consistent 
> to prevent unnecessary learning curves or visual inconsistencies between sections.
+1 ...we might even give this a toolbar button?

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