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Without a mail account Thunderbird it is a pretty poor calendar app. 
Invites don't work.  Either way.

As for indexed email archive,  I think if we to be looking at such an 
animal as a use case then a different "group" of data stores would 
necessarily be required.  It would perhaps be a good extension of the 
existing archive.  However use as such is not really what the program is 
developed for and should not constrain the main app to that sort of 
archival storage only.  Thunderbird is an email account centric 
application with a user interface that is based around you having 
"Mail", mail folders and mail accounts (bee they RSS, NNTP or email).  I 
personally support an "archive" mail account type that can have "any" 
permanently connected location defined for it.  So the mail archive can 
be stored on a NAS etc.  Perhaps even with restricted update options and 
restrict users from modifying the archive.  You add,  not remove from an 
archive for example.  Having an "archive account type would allow for 
accounts to be "decommissioned" without fuss.  they are just disabled 
from all normal get and sync because they are archives. Changing the 
account type might also "move" the store location to the registered 
archive location (not in the profile)

If your into chat, pidgin makes more sense as a stand alone client than 
thunderbird.  So I would say it is not even an edge case as a stand 
alone usage.

I know there are those still smarting about the demise of Sunbird.  But 
it is dead, and Thunderbird is not a replacement stand alone calendar.  
It is those sort of edge case roles that make the product difficult for 
new users.  They read a blog post about using Thunderbird as an archive 
for their gmail.  Then they spend days in a forum somewhere trying to 
force feed a gmail mbox zip of 15Gb into Thunderbird.  Or download it 
via IMAP and "move" it to a local folder.  Or try and use it as a stand 
alone calendar and try to puzzle out why they can not send invites.

The very first prerequisite for even thinking we should support calendar 
only is an open calendar option on right clicking the windows toolbar, 
with appropriate user interface to allow a calendar only usage to make 
sense to the general user, rather than the "power" user.


On 02-May-19 5:05 AM, Mark Rousell wrote:
> On 01/05/2019 17:04, Tanstaafl wrote:
>> On Tue Apr 30 2019 22:37:10 GMT-0400 (Eastern Standard Time), Mark
>> Rousell<mark.rousell at signal100.com>  wrote:
>>> Yes. Thunderbird can be used as an email archive container (no actual
>>> mail account needed) or as a client for the non-email protocols that it
>>> supports.
>> Well, I think we can at least agree that anyone using TB in tha manner
>> would be an extremely rare corner case.
> No, we cannot "at least" agree. That's because they are not "corner 
> cases". Here is why: One must remember that Thunderbird is a thick 
> client; it's not just a 'simple' thin protocol client. Thunderbird has 
> its own functionality.
> First of all, if Thunderbird handles non-email functionality at all, 
> which of course it does, then it is only reasonable to expect that 
> users might expect it to be used in exactly that way. Why force 
> someone to set up an email account that might not exist simply as a 
> gateway to Thunderbird's other functions? That makes no sense.
> More substantively, as I note above, Thunderbird's functionality is 
> not just about connecting to things. Indeed, as a thick client, it can 
> do far more than being a simplistic IMAP-only/server storage-only 
> email client. In this light, it's not so surprising that a user might 
> want to use it as, for example, an indexed email archive container or 
> calendar app. Whilst I'd certainly admit that this is probably not a 
> common usage, it is nevertheless true to say that, as a result of 
> Thunderbird's inherent thick-client functionality, it would be an 
> over-simplification to dismiss such uses "corner cases".
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> Mark Rousell
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