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Paul Morris paul at paulwmorris.com
Wed May 1 17:12:26 UTC 2019

Hi Alex,

I really like the look of these UI elements!  Sorry for slower reply.  
More below...

On 4/30/19 1:23 PM, Alessandro Castellani wrote:
> *Remove 'Get a new Email Address'*
The prominence of this aspect seems fine and good to me (since it sounds 
like it isn't going away for now).

> *Cancel the dialog
> *
> This is something I'd like to hear your thoughts about it. Since any 
> dialog can be closed through the window controls, do we want to 
> highlight this option with a dedicated button?
> The idea here is to somewhat prevent this if the user access TB for 
> the first time and no accounts is set up. Is TB usable in any way 
> without an account?
> Anyway, a "Set Up Later" button or link can be added on the first 
> screen, but I wouldn't add it or keep it once the user is in the 
> funnel, to prevent accidental clicks or confusion with the back button.
I generally like the idea of a "set up later" link/option.  I often want 
to look around in a new app to see what it offers before having to set 
everything up.  If we offer that, then an obvious way to get back to the 
setup screen would be good, to go with it.

But maybe there's not that much to see without setting up an account in 
Thunderbird's case...  I haven't looked closely at this.

Great to see your work on UI/UX in Thunderbird!

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