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> *Subject:*Re: UI mock-up - Account Setup
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> *Tooltips and error messages*
> To guide the user in typing proper information, we can use a combination of 
> placeholder text and tooltips. Showing all the text at all times is not a good 
> solution as it clutters the dialog and distracts the user.
> Tooltips can also be triggered dynamically without changing the size of the dialog, 
> which we should avoid as it disrupts the experience.

yes absolutely (I already elaborated in my previous post) - I think if it is a 
validation error (which would not allow the dialog to progress to the next step) a 
permanent tooltip triggered by onblur( ) would be a nice way of solving this. On top 
of that having a (?) button beside each entry that shows an explanation on hover would 
be a good way to keep the dialog streamlined. I don't want people force fed a ton of 
information unless they take an action as it can be overwhelming .

> All these solutions create visual cues that catch the user's eye, without moving 
> elements around or changing the location of fields and buttons, like it happens in 
> the current field.
> *Cancel the dialog
> *
> This is something I'd like to hear your thoughts about it. Since any dialog can be 
> closed through the window controls, do we want to highlight this option with a 
> dedicated button?

I absolutely think this is necessary, because (as I said before) giving a clearly 
guided dialog and then leaving the user to guess "What happens if I just close this 
window?" is just introducing unnecessary doubt & anxiety in an otherwise well thought 
out process.

> The idea here is to somewhat prevent this if the user access TB for the first time 
> and no accounts is set up. Is TB usable in any way without an account?
> Anyway, a "Set Up Later" button or link can be added on the first screen, but I 
> wouldn't add it or keep it once the user is in the funnel, to prevent accidental 
> clicks or confusion with the back button.
Makes sense.. There is always the breadcrumb trail back for people who change their 
minds. Which reminds me - could you add a breadcrumb link trail at the top / bottom 
just to see what it feels like? What I like about this is that it shows the set up is 
part of a "funnel" which gives the user a sense of accomplishment. Or is that 
overkill? Also, is the setup dialog planned to go "full screen" within the Thunderbird 
client window, or is that too much?


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