Thunderbird Bugday is back! You can make a difference.

Wayne Mery vseerror at
Wed Mar 27 13:20:24 UTC 2019

Good Morning.  Bonjour. Guten Morgen.  Buongiorno. おはようございます.

We haven't had a bugday in ... ages, and so many bug reports need 
attention. Planning is underway, hopefully with SWAG, for a bugday soon 
(date to be determined). _You can be involved._

Help is needed in three forms:

  * _Ideas _for bug categories to be focused on can be posted at
    (Please don't email the list)
  * _Volunteer to participate_ by emailing me your interests and time
    zone, or posting it in the document.  No prior experience is
    necessary. _Note, the bugs most likely to get attention will be
    those of interest to the bugday participants._  (Please don't email
    the list)
  * *_Co-conspirators_ are needed to help plan the bugday.* I just need
    one or two people.  Please email me directly.  (If I don't hear from
    you, don't be surprised if you get an email.)

In the past, bugday has been done in three two-hour time slots on a 
single day so that we could hit evening and daytime periods in both 
Europe and USA.  However, that is totally to be determined by the planners.

Ideas for bugs to triage is as big as your imagination. Categories that 
you think will most benefit Thunderbird users (rather than just 
yourself) are certainly preferred.

If you have ideas about _how_ to run the bugday, email me or post back 
to the list.

Your idea or volunteering is what will make this a success.

Have a great day.


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