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Ryan Sipes ryan at thunderbird.net
Tue Mar 26 17:44:38 UTC 2019

Hey Mike,

Thanks for reaching out!

We also just recently started some new documentation over at

The Git repo for proposing changes at:

Always happy to have someone with a tech background look at the
documentation and see if you are able to follow it and if it makes sense.

Ryan Sipes
Community Manager

On 3/20/19 8:22 AM, MJWestkamper wrote:
> Gentlemen;
> I've been lurking here for some time. I have offered a couple of
> observations individually, however I've not addressed the list as I am
> not a Thunderbird developer; my skill set is dated. I am however a
> invested user and quite involved system development on other fronts.
> If you see it as a value to your efforts I can comment from
> time-to-time from an invested user perspective with a 30 year
> background on software system development.
> Mike

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