How to build TB? opto at
Sat Mar 23 15:54:06 UTC 2019

We have been following 'Simple Thunderbird Build',

After ./mach build, there are files reported missing (nsIFrameLoaderOwner.h ), function declarations having to many arguments ( mQuoteChannel->AsyncOpen(convertedListener, ctxt); in nsMsgQuote.cpp)  and a few other errors.

I saw the notice concerning treeherder but don't know what to do about it - if I have to look for green B's for my OS, there aren't any for the last months. (Win 10-64). This feels illogical because updates are being distributed, so they must compile somehow.

Probably, some information is obvious (except to me) or missing which is needed.

Just trying to sync code repeatedly over the last two weeks didn't really change anything.

Any help is appreciated,


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