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Sat Mar 23 13:32:20 UTC 2019

On 23/03/2019 01:41, Matt Harris wrote:
> On 23-Mar-19 8:15 AM, Mark Rousell wrote:
>> On 22/03/2019 21:31, Mihovil Stanić wrote:
>>> Why just don't transfer ownership of add-on to another willing
>>> developer under certain rules?
>>> Making this up, but something like this:
>>>   * add-on must have open source licence
>>>   * original developer is MIA for lets say more then 6 months
>>>   * ATO/ATN staff tried to contact original developer at least 3
>>>     time in period of 1 month
>> This approach would also require a fourth prerequisite: That the
>> original developer would need to sign up to these terms at the outset
>> (as a condition for hosting their addon on ATN).
>> Will developers be willing to sign up to such a term, i.e. that their
>> project could be 'taken away' from them? I would think not for two
>> reasons:
> Option1.  Agree to loosing control if you abandon it.
> Option 2.  We will delete it from server if option1 is not selected
> and there is no version for the current release.

Option3: Just don't build for an ecosystem that imposes unnecessarily
onerous rules, regulations and conditions. Knowing that your hard work
may be deleted if you don't keep up with a schedule over which you have
no direct control is hardly an encouragement to begin work. We surely
want to lower barriers to entry, not erect new ones.

Open source is enough in and of itself. It provides all the flexibility
with none of the unnecessary imposition of conditions or rules.

For the avoidance of doubt once again: My only suggestion here was to
provide a way for authors and/or reviewers to indicate which existing
addons(s) new addons could be considered as an upgrade to, and for this
to be shown/offered programmatically to end users within Thunderbird and
within ATN. There's no need to add all sorts of extra rules and
regulation to the ecosystem on top of basic open source licences to make
this user experience improvement happen.

And I think it would be an user experience improvement given that forks
happen and, in my opinion, should happen in a healthy ecosystem.

Mark Rousell

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