Home Page Wireframes v3

alex alessandro at thunderbird.net
Fri Mar 22 22:04:23 UTC 2019

Another week, another awesome update!

Here's a new shiny link for you to look at.
I updated the copy with all your suggestions and feedback, and 
implemented a "Featured Blog" section to properly communicate the fact 
that "things are happening" and fight the misconception that Thunderbird 
is a dead project.

Double goodness this time as you will also find the mobile version of 
the wireframe. (Click on the little arrow on the top right corner to 
browse between the different images)

The mobile version is more streamlined, with the removal of some 
sections due to the really limited usefulness on a mobile platform.
I'm still questioning if we should show a "Download" button in that 
version. Who downloads Thunderbird on a phone?

This is the last round of wireframe iterations, so, go crazy with the 
copy this time, because next week we're gonna start dealing with the 
actual design, implementing the proper brand identity, and exploring a 
more compelling and engaging UI, built on top of the solid architecture 
we defined so far.

Home Page v3 + Mobile: https://presentator.ura.design/en/4b9jmLIB


Alessandro Castellani
Lead UX Architect

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